Marcin Mańka

A host expert

The only psychologist, soft skills trainer and coach in Poland that combines professional education and experience in such a unique way.

Psychological (3 schools) and legal education. 17 years in the role of a presenter, among others, in Radio ZET, TVP 1, TVP Info, Polsat.

Experience in business and work in the managerial positions (sales, relationships). Conducting international events and conferences. Long training experience.

More than 100 references from global corporations such as Coca-Cola, Oriflame or PWC. During the meeting you will understand why. I am effective and that’s what I’m paid for. 




We have cooperated with Mr Marcin on projects involving business soft skills. The training courses have been inspiring and adapted to the participants’ needs. He combines the practical approach with vast psychological knowledge. He excels at maintaining the participants’ involvement and attention, which translates into their satisfaction and into good results.

Joanna Kucharczyk-Capiga
Academy Manager


Training with Marcin is excellent proof that learning is also great fun. Amazing knowledge, professionalism, kindness, smile, positive energy – thank you for all this. Our thanks also apply to the friendly atmosphere, the good relationships we have established, and the time we spent together. We recommend Mr. Marcin as a responsible and reliable partner.

Bogdan Kijek
Chairman of the Boar


Marcin’s training courses are a time well invested – practical tips, situational experience and friendly atmosphere that is favourable to studying.

Elżbieta Makselon-Drabczyk
Talent Management Director
Coca-Cola HBC Polska


Coaching with Marcin is an amazing journey deep into the self – that’s where development begins. Every meeting was very valuable, inspiring, developing, surprising, I absolutely recommend his services and meetings with him are over.

Aleksandra Salawa
Global Director of Patient Recruitmant Solutions

Slovakia Lotte Chemical

Marcin is a coach having a great sense of people and business. He is also very inspiring. I absolutely recommend his services.


Maciej Kiepurski
Sales Manager Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic
Slovakia Lotte Chemical


Marcin is one of these persons who infects other people with positive energy and passion, encouraging other people to take actions and go beyond their boundaries. He helped me to find balance between professional and private life. 

Wojtek Zdunek
Global Sales Manager


I recommend training courses conducted by Marcin. He has practical and psychological knowledge as well as an inspiring approach. He challenges you while showing you that you’re capable of more than you have imagined.

Piotr Miler
Financial Accounting Director
BRVZ Sp. z o.o.
a Company belonging to STRABAG SE

Drutex S.A.

Marcin Mańka is a professional and an exceptional man. He knows how to create a proper atmosphere of a meeting, while his communication and interpersonal skills are unique in all aspects.

Adam Leik
Marketing Director
Drutex S.A.


Marcin is a great coach – from the first meeting he built a special bond, thanks to which I looked inside myself with ease which I would not have expected before. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere that filled our every meeting certainly contributed to this. And always a good dose of humor! I have a very positive opinion of cooperation with Marcin and I definitely recommend it to those interested in professional coaching!

Pawel Gawronski
Finance Manager at Prosus Group and Naspers



  • Education: psychology, law, school of psychological training, international certificate coach icf, one-year drama course, I currently write a doctoral thesis
  • conducting training and advisory projects for the largest companies, cooperation with international consulting companies in the field of HR, as well as conducting many prestigious events (of European and worldwide importance), including international meetings of prime ministers, scientific and economic meetings,
  • he conducted unique, on a global scale, research that showed that image of an employee has impact on perception of a company,
  • more than 17 years of experience of work in media – press, radio (Radio ZET, Roxy FM, Radiostacja), and in television (TVP 1, TVP Info, Polsat, TVN), Currently – co-host of Studio LOTTO, and juror in the Polsat’s programme Make Me Over – Wielka Zmiana, psychologist expert in TV programmes such as Pytanie na Śniadanie,
  • work in the sales departments in the managerial positions.


  • Expert psychologist in TV programmes, among others, Pytanie na Śniadanie
  • Juror/image expert in the programme Make Me Over – Wielka Zmiana (Polsat)
  • A host of Studia Lotto
  • A presenter in RadiO Zet
  • A presenter in TTV – programme „Pogodny Poranek”
  • A presenter in TVP 1 (programmes „Za kulisami jedynki”, „Wypasiona zima”, „Quadrans Qltury”, „Studio oprawy TVP1”)
  • Conducting festival studio of Opole 2009
  • TV announcer – Telewizja Polska S.A., TVN Warszawa
  • A presenter in Radio Roxy FM
  • A presenter in Polsat (programmes – Quizmania, Halo Kasa)


The only psychologist, soft skills trainer and coach in Poland that combines professional education and experience in such a unique way. I conduct top-ranked lectures and trainings, both for small and medium-sized companies and the largest corporations.


The countries in which we have clients:
Austria, Great Britain, United States, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Poland, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and others.

The services are available all around the world for people who can speak Polish or English.
Regular online projects are taking place in most of the English-language countries and of course in Poland.

Coaching will allow you to:

  • use your potential in a better way,
  • better define your path to self-fulfilment,
  • achieve internal joy and optimism,
  • increase your courage and motivation to fulfil your dreams, goals and plans more efficiently,
  • develop the ability to draw conclusions and select the best solutions in a given situation,
  • develop or stabilise your self-confidence and belief in your skills,
  • increase professional effectiveness,
  • achieve bigger satisfaction with life.

Areas I work in

  • The level of satisfaction / life fulfilment 
  • The highest efficiency / maximization of Your potential 
  • Setting a very clear goal 
  • Increasing motivation 
  • Overcoming stagnation and taking actions 
  • Building inner awareness of emotions, motivations and needs
  • Overcoming procrastination (putting something off for later) 
  • Achievement of balance in private and professional life 
  • Development of professional career 
  • Achievement of financial goals 
  • Dates and relationships 
  • Communication in a family 
  • Self-esteem 
  • Ability to love yourself 
  • Improvement of energy level 
  • Personal development 
  • Interests and passions -determination and development 
  • Emotional intelligence and stress reduction 
  • Improvement of health and mood 
  • Loss / increase of body mass – sport and training
  • Increasing self-discipline 
  • Diet
  • Addiction / bad habits – change of habits
  • Management of time at private and professional level


  • Organization skills 
  • Social / communication skills
  • The ability to present and conducting meetings, as well as dealing with stage fright, 
  • The commencement of business activity 
  • Leadership
  • Assertiveness
  • Body language / voice pitch 
  • Image / personal brand 
  • Management of complex professional relations 
  • Improvement of communication in the teams 
  • Support of return to work after maternity leave 
  • Support during life and professional change 
  • Support after dismissal from work, conclusions and action plan 
  • Dealing with psychical and physical violence 
  • Ability to pass difficult messages 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Dealing with conflict in private and professional life 
  • Ability to make decisions 
  • Generating potential clients for Your organization
  • And many others. 

What does the coaching process look like?

The coaching process will help you change a problem into a goal and plan how to achieve it. Then, you can execute it, you use your advantages in overcoming obstacles and ensure you are motivated. All of this is done with reasonability and proper proportion of work and rest. You do not have to be the smartest or the richest. All you have to be is the best version of yourself to be able to fully use your possibilities and primarily, you will achieve internal peace and happiness.
We are convinced that you can do more than you think! It will be a big challenge to overcome your own limiting thoughts, to notice the meta-programmes that exist within you, meaning a group of internal convictions that are decisive of how you portray the world. That is why such a process requires full involvement and solid work, and this is done best under supervision of an experienced professional

With me:

  • you will transform the problem into a goal to be achieved,
  • you will make your goal more precise according to the principles of coaching,
  • you will arrange a plan for executing that goal,
  • you will find motivation sources,
  • you will start to act,
  • you will achieve success.


Finally, I would like to add that I do not define success here as something that is an end in itself. I am against the pseudo coaching fashion for continuous self-improvement, continuous improvement of effectiveness, searching for fulfillment in things and positions, in constant pursuit of being the best. It is easy to sell such a fashion, but having psychological knowledge and being honest I am not able to sign it. 

I see coaching as a way to understand myself, to know deeply hidden motivations. Success as understanding what really matters to you and then taking the first small step in this direction. Not for a madman, not for strength. At your time, in harmony with you and with what you are looking for. And finally, for the sake of clarity….such work does not preclude fulfilment in the professional and financial fields. It only makes you see these things as a result of action, not as a goal. If action becomes your goal, the results will come by themselves, and you will be fulfilled today, and not after an unspecified time when the fruits appear.

Coaching takes place in the form of live or online meeting. Life coaching is intended for one person or a pair. Coaching for companies, for one person, a few persons, board and even the whole department, then session takes place in the form of a group coaching.

Life Coaching


Initial conversation: duration up to 30 min – price 0.
Every sessions (duration – 60 min) :
GBP: 98 / CAD: 169 / USD: 125 / EUR: 110  
AUD: 179 / HKD: 959 / SGD: 172 / NZD: 192

  • Bloc 6 sessions: 5% discount
  • Bloc 9 sessions: 7,5% discount
  • Bloc 12 sessions: 10% discount




Initial conversation: duration up to 30 min – price 0.
Every session (duration – 60 min):
GBP: 178-318 / CAD: 305-540 / USD: 227-405 / EUR: 200-357
AUD: 326-583 / HKD: 1740- 3110 / SGD: 313-559 / NZD:349-623

  • Bloc 6 sessions: 5% discount
  • Bloc 9 sessions: 7,5% discount
  • Bloc 12 sessions: 10% discount

Test packages


3 coaching sessions (test package – only one purchase per client):
GBP: 196 / CAD: 338/ USD: 250 / EUR: 225
AUD: 365 / HKD: 1935 / SGD: 350 / NZD: 388

This packet is a great idea to start with, because you get one session for FREE.
You pay for 2, you get 3.

Test packages


3 coaching sessions (test package – only one purchase per client):
GBP: 405 / CAD: 685/ USD: 505 / EUR: 450
AUD: 730/ HKD: 3890 / SGD: 670 / NZD: 780

This packet is a great idea to start with, because you get one session for FREE.
You pay for 2, you get 3.

Packages intense change


1-month coaching package: 8 sessions
2 sessions a week Support and advices 24/7:
GBP: 710 / CAD: 1205 / USD: 885 / EUR: 785
AUD: 1280 / HKD: 6850 / SGD: 1230 / NZD: 1372

2-month coaching package: 16 sessions
2 sessions a week Support and advices 24/7:
GBP: 1380 / CAD: 2340 / USD: 1715 / EUR: 1530
AUD: 2495 / HKD: 13 300 / SGD: 2390 / NZD: 2665

3-month coaching package: 24 sessions
2 sessions a week Support and advices 24/7:
GBP: 2025 / CAD: 3435 / USD: 2521 / EUR: 2245
AUD: 3665 / HKD: 19 545 / SGD: 3510 / NZD: 3916

Packages intense change


1-month coaching package: 8 sessions 
2 sessions a week Support and advices 24/7:
GBP: 1320- 2535 / CAD: 2235- 4300 / USD: 1640- 3155 / EUR: 2890-2810
AUD: 2380- 4580 / HKD: 12 710 – 24 450 / SGD: 2280- 4390 / NZD: 2548- 4900

2-month coaching package: 16 sessions
2 sessions a week Support and advices 24/7:
GBP: 2615- 4845 / CAD: 4435- 8220 / USD: 3255- 6030 / EUR: 1460-5370
AUD: 4730- 8765 / HKD: 25235– 46 755 / SGD: 4530- 8395 / NZD: 5 056 – 9369

3-month coaching package: 24 sessions
2 sessions a week Support and advices 24/7:
GBP: 3830- 7100 / CAD: 6500- 12035 / USD: 4770- 8835 / EUR: 4245-7865 / AUD: 6930- 12 835 / HKD: 36 970– 68 470 / SGD: 6640- 12 295 / NZD: 7409- 13 720


Are you interested in our offer of coaching?

Due to huge amount of work, please contact me if you really think about cooperation. Contact me and set a session date. 

Call me: +48 693 425 350

Contact me:

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