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Online training is a great method to learn!
Why? Because you learn where you want, when you want and how long you want using just your computer or smartphone. The effects depend only on Your decision to change something. If you want to change something, do not hesitate – check my offer of live online trainings and live online courses. 


Live online training is a project of identical program to stationary trainings, but they are organized live in a virtual reality, in a specific date. You can take part in it from any place you want, you just need to have access to the Internet and computer with a camera and microphone.
After choosing a training and selecting the date, you will receive access data to training, it is all very simple, you log using your e-mail address into a specific website and you can participate in a training, sitting comfortably, for example, in your living room. 
This training is similar to stationary training, program is identical, training is very active and interesting, we have breaks, you get materials by e-mail and you are in constant live contact with me and other participants. We can hear and see ourselves all the time. During every project, I use various types of exercises, discussions, questions, exercises in pairs, presentations, video and sound materials. Full commitment is very important for me.
You only need a computer / laptop with a camera and microphone and Internet speed – min. 5Mb/s to have high quality of audio and video transmission.


It is a form very similar to live online training. The courses are shorter and we focus on learning specific skills. This course takes place, just like trainings, live in virtual reality, in a specific date. You receive the access to a course after enrolling in selected subject and date. You can take part in live online courses if You have access to the Internet and tablet, smartphone or computer. Unlike many other offers, the number of people taking part in live online courses is limited. It means that despite short form, you are always in contact with me and other participants of a live course, all courses are very active, include exercises, you get materials, learn and have fun. The whole course is very active and practical.

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