Psychological tests

*All tests are made in the stationary or live online form.
** All applied tests are professional, high-quality psychometric tools provided, for example, by the Psychological Test Laboratory Polish Psychological Association.
*** Only psychologists are authorized to use most of these tests.


Psychological tests are tools that applied by professional and qualified people help to examine psychological traits. They are applied to examine both disorders and skills. They are applied in many fields of private and professional life. They are particularly important in therapy, personal development and in professional life as a tool to determine actual state, define developmental needs in an organization or recruitment tools.
Psychological tests used by the professionals must by characterized by a few features: they must be objective, standardized, accurate, reliable and normalized.


Using available professional tools, I am able to make a comprehensive assessment of mental state or examine selected functions.
Depending on the type of a test, they can examine intelligence, emotional intelligence and social competences, that is, how we manage in communication with others, examine creativity, personality, help to determine our values, help to examine mechanisms and family relationships, help to examine the level of stress, methods of coping with stress and its impact, help to examine our interests, special skills, for example, ability to quickly learn new languages, and cognitive skills and many aspects related to our physical and mental health.  Tests are very useful both for private persons and companies because they provide many information about employees and their predispositions, give better opportunity to make use of potential of employees, allow to determine the areas that need to be changed or developed, allow to discover the potential and talents of employees, examine atmosphere in a company and, as a result, manage human resources better and more conscious.


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