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The way we are treated is what irritates us the most and makes us give up the services of a given company or stop shopping in a given store. Unreliability, failure to keep deadlines, lack of openness in communication, attempts to conceal difficult topics, sometimes a lack of normal courtesy – all of these affect the perception of the entire company. In turn, courtesy, veracity, punctuality and sincere approach – even if there are problems or misunderstandings – inspire trust and evoke the customer’s attachment towards the brand. Even if the price for a service or product is higher, customers will gladly come back to such companies.

It all seems obvious. Nevertheless, each of us can cite negative examples from our life related to small and large companies. During the training, you will learn what to do and how to it at each stage of the communication process with the customer, so that they can return to your company and become an ambassador of your brand unknowingly.


  • how to build sympathy and trust through proper customer service?
  • how to make your customer come back?
  • what to do to let customers recommend you to others?
  • how to create a friendly ambience by means of appropriate communication?
  • how to properly communicate with customers over the phone?
  • how to build long-term relationships through proper customer service?


  • how to use social impact principles in customer service?
  • how to use assertiveness and set boundaries wisely?
  • how to deal with objections and reservations?
  • how to solve a conflict?
  • how to build the image of a trustworthy company by exercising professional customer service?
  • how to influence the emotions and attitude of customers in an ethical way?

Do you want to take care of your customer so that they will be happy to come back to your company? If so, take part in the training! Thanks to it

you will start

  • to take a professional approach to customer service, understanding the relationship between these activities and the perceptions and results of your company,
  • to take care of customers so that they can come back and promote your brand,
  • to skilfully reconcile kindness and firmness in contact with customers.


  • acting in a short-sighted manner, thinking that the customer will come back anyway, and that the competition is asleep,
  • making mistakes by which the customer loses confidence in the company,
  • giving in to strong emotions that make it difficult to take appropriate steps in complicated situations.


  • the ability to manage your behaviour in contact with customers,
  • the ability to influence the emotions of customers,
  • the ability to react flexibly in various situations related to customer service.


  • Customer service – factors affecting the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Customer – find out who they and learn about his needs.
  • Communication with the customer – three levels of influence, or mechanisms of interpersonal communication based on the psychology of communication, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics.
  • Telephone customer service – work with voice.
  • Formal and informal relationships in professional situations.
  • Psychology of intentions in customer service.
  • Principles of the psychology of social impact in customer service.
  • Difficult situations in communication with customers. Setting healthy boundaries in relationships.
  • How to resolve a conflict? Methods of reaching compromises in a professional and private environment.
  • Objections, appeal and complaint.
  • Personal development programme based on coaching techniques and tools.
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