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Let’s be honest: there are no secret techniques of special services, which in a few days would help to significantly increase the results – and all of this in compliance with ethical principles. Sales are associated with the ability to meet human needs. To do this effectively, you need to skilfully recognise these desires and then answer them in a proper way. By using psychological knowledge on choice-making processes and buying decisions as well as knowledge on interpersonal communication and social impact, you can definitely increase your effectiveness.

Modern sales are based on substantive knowledge and interpersonal skills of a consultant who provides the customer with information necessary to make a buying decision. The form of communication is as important as the content; even if the consultant is perfectly prepared in terms of the issue, they will not achieve success without taking care of the relationship. Sometimes it can be difficult, as each of us is different. This training conveys knowledge in the field of psychology to the sales ground, combining the results of the latest research with a very rich practical experience, and all of this in an easy-to-understand way.

The training has been prepared based on knowledge in the field of psychology of communication and social psychology as well as on coaching tools in relation to the latest psychological research and experiments.


  • how to gain new customers?
  • how to build sympathy and trust?
  • how to run sales meetings?
  • how to sell over the phone?
  • how to convince people to buy?
  • how to finalise a sales conversation?


  • how to use the discoveries of cognitive psychology to make sales in an effective manner?
  • how to recognise customer needs?
  • how automatic evaluation behaviours (automatisms) work?
  • how the selection and decision mechanisms work?
  • how to communicate to make the sales process run more efficiently?
  • how to conduct a sales conversation?
  • how to talk about the price?
  • how to apply the principles of the psychology of social impact in the sales?
  • how to deal with difficult situations?

Do you want to develop your sales skills? Take part in the training, thanks to which

you will start

  • to sell more effectively,
  • to make more conscious use of available knowledge and tools,
  • to earn more.


  • behaving in an intrusive way, not seeing signals sent by customers,
  • complaining that your customer is difficult,
  • offering customers things that they do not want to buy from you.


  • the ability to consciously influence the customer on the substantive and emotional level,
  • the ability to activate the customer’s desired attitudes by applying appropriate principles of psychology of social impact,
  • the ability to recognise customer needs.


  • Psychology of sales – begin at home.
  • Customer – find out who they are and identify their needs.
  • Discoveries of cognitive psychology and effective communication in sales.
  • Automatic evaluation behaviours (automatisms) and mechanisms for selection and decision-making.
  • Methods of acquiring customers.
  • Three levels of influence, or mechanisms of interpersonal communication based on the psychology of communication, psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics.
  • Sales conversation.
  • Talks about the price.
  • Running sales meetings.
  • Telephone sales – work with voice.
  • Persuasion, or the most important principles of the psychology of social impact.
  • Psychology of intentions in sales.
  • Responding in difficult situations.
  • Personal development programme based on coaching techniques and tools.
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