It is often difficult to name them … let alone effectively deal with them and consciously use them. Are you aware that emotions are the basis of every training based on psychological knowledge? Emotions affect every field of private and professional life. Is there any universal language used by all people, regardless of their background or place of residence? Yes, there is …it is emotions. Something that affects every field of life of every human. What caused that, for many years, they were not treated too seriously in personal development or business trainings?
Why did we learn rigid rules instead of flexible reactions to changing reality? The answer is simple…touching what’s the most important is the most difficult. But emotions are the basis of every training concerning the so-called soft skills, that is, those based on psychological knowledge. Some very rational people, convinced that hiding emotions is good, try to manage them. They assume that emotions should be hidden because it makes them look more professional, intelligent or rational. However, emotions act independently of our will, beliefs or expectations, they can’t be modified in any way or managed. They are more real than our thoughts and beliefs, and we use emotions to make the most important life choices. They affect our thoughts, behaviours or choices unconsciously. Therefore, we should learn how to use them. Work and contacts with other people require from us to be flexible and manage difficult, often conflictual situations, which are normal part of every relationship. Effective communication allows to unite a team, and as a result achieve better results. However, to make it happen, we must learn how to control unconscious aspects of our behaviours.


  • how to stop suppressing emotions and not to let them be out of control?
  • how to use emotional intelligence in business and private life?
  • how to develop empathy?
  • how to be closer to Your emotions?
  • how emotions affect perception of situation?
  • how to reduce excessive stress?
  • how to effectively cope with emotions in private and professional situations?
  • how to cope with stress in a healthy and safe way?
  • how to effectively cope with difficult emotions?
  • how to take care of Your health through understanding and expressing emotions?
  • how to effectively develop your self-esteem?
  • how to accept these personality traits that You are ashamed of?
  • how to live at peace with yourself?
  • how to build inner strength?
  • how to respect Your own naturalness, and not what other people think about You?
  • how to stop compare yourself to others?
  • how to live here and now instead of constantly thinking what your life would be if you were smarter, richer, taller etc.?
  • how to stop worrying about making mistakes?
  • how to translate liking for yourself into private and professional success?
  • how Your emotions shape relationships with others?


  • how to combine authority and sensitivity?
  • how to leave the shell of social expectations?
  • how to use sensitivity to build good relationships?
  • how sensitivity and understanding for Your own emotions affect Your image?
  • how to deal with your own emotions to build natural image of a self-confident successful woman and strong sensitive man?
  • how to affect client’s emotions?
  • how to affect client’s moods and behaviours?
  • how to develop communication efficiency in sales talks?
  • how to make good first impression in contacts with clients?
  • how to interpret non-verbal speech of clients?
  • how to interpret client’s behaviours?
  • how to effectively use the techniques of arousing liking and acceptance among clients?
  • how to use emotions to build a team?
  • how to use emotions for management of people?
  • how to look for motivation for development?
  • how to use emotions while making choices?
  • how to use emotions to set a goal?
  • how to motivate yourself and other to achieve specific goal using emotions?
  • how to get better results using emotions?
  • how to trust your intuition?
  • how to make a decision without putting too much effort?
  • how to stop fighting with yourself and switch to emotional autopilot? 



  • see, in a conscious way, that emotions are often unconscious, emotions are a basis of Your every behaviour and decision;
  • consciously using the influence of emotions to achieve private and professional successes,
  • living fuller and feeling more happy, combining emotions and impact of rational head.


  • thinking what caused that you are where you are or made a specific decision,
  • living in the sense of being cut from Your emotions or head,
  • sabotaging your actions and choices.


  • awareness of the impact of Your body on Your own emotions,
  • ability to use emotions in communication,
  • emotional intelligence, ability to react and influence on your others’ emotional states,
  • ability to cooperate with people and build good interpersonal relationships,
  • emotional competences of team management that will help You to build greater authority.
  • ability to choose professional and life priorities,
  • perseverance in pursuing selected goals,
  • ability to build good relationships with others.


  • „4 elements”, that is, type of Your personality – who are you?
  • Me in emotions – where I am now
  • Emotions
  • Emotions and getting to know yourself and self-esteem
  • Emotions that I don’t like. How to deal with them?
  • Emotions and communication
  • Emotions and relationships and family
  • Emotions and goals
  • Emotional compass 2.0  – let to be guided (management of yourself in emotions)

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